Center for Cybersecurity

Center for Cybersecurity

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The benefits of digital innovation are not without risks such as the loss of control over citizens’ personal data, distortions of the democratic life of nations due to fake news and cyberattacks that threaten critical infrastructures. The pandemic has rapidly pushed a pre-existing digital transformation process with large-scale experiments in remote work and education, while amplifying cyber risks. The Center for Cyber Security aims to constantly improve cyber risk management by focusing on two main research lines: digital identity and virtual services quality.


To reduce risks, the crucial point is the co-development of digital technology and cyber security to foster collaboration between different stakeholders through a combination of IT risk management techniques - in order to develop highly innovative security solutions that will mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of attacks - and trust management, to improve the interaction between people and technology.


In line with the mission of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), which aims to achieve results of scientific excellence and have an impact on society, the Center for Cybersecurity makes its techniques available to the largest number of organizations, including SMEs that make up a substantial part of the EU’s economy but often lack cybersecurity expertise.



Silvio Ranise

Silvio Ranise

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